We are delighted to invite you to contribute your articles or research papers on Buddhism and allied subjects for publication in the prestigious 26th issue of "BODHI-PATH." This esteemed journal, published biannually, offers a January-June issue and a July-December issue, each featuring a rich array of scholarly works.

Why Submit to "BODHI-PATH"?

  • Open Access: Your work will be accessible globally, ensuring a wide readership.
  • Academic Recognition: Indexed in Google Scholar, your research will gain visibility in academic circles.
  • Language Inclusivity: We accept submissions in both Hindi (using 'Kruti Dev-011' font) and English (using 'Times New Roman' font), embracing a broader range of scholars.

Submissions should be original pieces, ranging from 1500-3500 words, formatted in single-spaced MS Word documents. We adhere to high academic standards, with each submission undergoing rigorous peer-review and plagiarism checks. Please note, that articles with over 20% plagiarized content will be ineligible for publication.

Deadline for Submissions: The cutoff for the 26th issue is 25th January 2024. All submissions should be sent electronically. You can either submit directly on the website by creating an account or email to the editor: sanghmb@gmail.com

Your scholarly contributions will not only enrich the field of Buddhist studies but also reach a diverse, international audience. We look forward to receiving your insightful and innovative research papers.